Report Issue

Think of a time when you were involved in building team synergy. Consider the following in your discussion:

•What was happening at the time?

•Which of the nine practices did you exhibit? (SEE BELOW)

•Were there other things you did to support teamwork?

•How did you know your efforts were successful?

•Would you have done anything differently, looking back?

•What are the benefits of a team working together?

•When (if ever) is conflict within a team productive?

•What factors can contribute to role confusion and conflict among health care professionals?

Write a succinct initial post of at least 150 words. Demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing. Support your discussion with at least two references other than the required readings.

9 Practices of team synergy:

1. Coordinating the patient-care team

2. Mentoring team members

3.Empowering lower-level team members

4. Advocating on others’ behalf

5. Managing conflict constructively

6. Listening actively to team members

7. Fostering a positive climate

8. Managing workplace stress.

9. Pinch hitting for team members.

Propp, K. M. (1999). Collective information processing in groups. In L. Frey, D. S. Gouran, & M. S. Poole (Eds.), Handbook of group communication theory and research (pp. 225-250). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

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