Twitter and ISIS computer science homework help

Twitter and ISIS

Before doing this assignment, be sure you are familiar with the General Instructions for Discussion Assignments found in the Course Information module.

The topic of this discussion is terrorist use of the Internet, using the specific example of how ISIS is using Twitter.

I am going to ask three questions about this topic, and you can choose to write your initial post on any of the three topics:

1. While it might seem obvious that a goal of the U.S. government should be to stop terrorist groups from using social media, the textbook describes how allowing terrorist groups to use social media provides the government with more ways to monitor or even infiltrate those groups. Keeping that in mind, do you think the government should work to stop terrorist groups from using social media?

2. As described in the outside reading, Twitter may in fact be violating U.S. law by allowing ISIS and other terrorist groups to use its services. Do you believe they are violating the law, and perhaps more importantly, do you believe Twitter should be prohibited by law from allowing terrorist groups to use its services?

3. As described in the outside reading, Tamara Fields is suing Twitter over the death of her husband. What do you think, should Twitter be held partially responsible?

For this discussion, you will not be able to see the posts by other students until you have submitted your initial post.

As usual, your initial post is due Thursday of the module week. Instructions for responses will be posted on Friday, and the responses will be due the following Tuesday.

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