Choose two (2) of the following late 20th century African-American artists, and
compare and contrast their art: Bearden, Lawrence, Basquiat, or Colescott.
Describe specific elements of the works from the chosen artists that represent
the multiplicity of the African-American experience. Identify one (1) of these
works (or some other by an African American artist) that you would like in your
workplace, and explain why


Please respond to the following statement:


The reason I selected this painting is because it is an example of how much
things really have not changed. The people in powerful positions are
predominantly caucasian.
That leaves minorities still at their mercy in a sense. If you get in trouble
with the law as a African American; the punishment is usually harsher. This has
been proven by the number of people who are incarcerated. It is not possible for
African Americans to commit over 50% of the crimes in America when they only
make up 13% of the population. Other nationalities commit similar of same
crimes, however they are given lighter sentences.


Lawrence later received a NAACP Award for the
Spingarn Medal, the Washington Medal of Merit, and the
US National Medal of Arts. He was a nationally known artist who captured real
life events. I would not put this painting up in my office or any others like it
in consideration for what my employees may feel. History is a
sensitive subject and far to often we as Americans avoid that topic to
prevent debates in the work place.


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