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Town Council,

 Our citizen in our town are being left out of the opportunity of having access to fresh fruit and veggies. The stations on the corners are overrunning the chance of bringing in fresher options for the people. We, as a town, need to stand together and find a way to change the food that is being offered to us here in town. The people’s needs are not being met and if we can find a way to work together for our needs and wants maybe we can find a way to bring these foods closer to home. 

 Utilizing the Ethical Ego perspective, which is the self-interest and needs of individuals of the town, we can build a farmer’s market where outside towns can come in and bring farm fresh produce in for our townspeople to purchase at an affordable cost. There are several towns surrounding us that can come together and bring crisp vibrant options for individuals instead of running to the convenience store on the corner. â€œProcessed foods (such as snack cakes, chips and soda) typically sold by corner delis, convenience stores and liquor stores are usually just as unhealthy” (Food 2016). If the people realize that unprocessed healthy food is going to be available, then maybe the chances of buying apples and cucumbers will lessen the need to run to grab a bag of chips or donuts. â€œThe disproportionate distribution of food sources that contributes to the development of unhealthy behaviors among these communities and the consequent disease burden deeply affect not only individuals and families, but also society as a whole” (Hilmers, Hilmers, Dave, 2012). 

 Having a schedule of days and times available to our residents will heighten the sense and urgency the fresh products can offer them. During the times the Farmer’s Market is open we may even have the option of health care professionals there to discuss what can happen if the choices being made are healthier for them in the long run. If this market can be brought to town, it not only can help our town people but also the farmer that is growing and bringing it to town.  Understanding the Utilitarianism theory, this can benefit not only the small community with the lack of fresh ingredients, but will benefit the farmers and reduce the chances of diseases in the future. If the town council is involved, we could possible bring into thought of utilizing food stamps to purchase these hearty healthful foods. Being able to use the card that helps them at the local corner store to buy the unhealthy foods, could provide a pivotal turning point in buying more from the farmers that will come in.

 Ending the “food desert” in our town can work if we can all gather together to help make it a healthy place to live and eat.


Hilmers, A., Hilmers, D. C., & Dave, J. (2012). Neighborhood disparities in access to healthy foods and their effects on environmental justice. American Journal of Public Health, 102(9), 1644-1654. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2012.300865

Food Empowerment Project. Food Deserts. Because Your Food Choices Can Change the World. Retrieved from

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