Use this link to help answer the questions below:

Answer the following questions in your own words (do not cut-and-paste from the textbook or other sources).  Remember to provide citations and references as appropriate.

1.  Distinguish between pure risk and speculative risk.  List and explain in detail the three kinds of pure risk.

Three Pure Kinds of Pure Risk are:

Personal Pure Risk:

Property Pure Risk:

Liability Pure Risk:

2.  Explain the concept of Enterprise Risk Management.  How does it differ with the holistic risk management approach?  Why did the Harvard Business Review consider it a “game changer” as it applied to strategic planning?

3.  Explain the following financial risks: interest rate risk, market risk, credit risk, and currency risk.  How would a global insurance company, for example John Hancock, possibly manage each one of these risks; provide current assumptions and figures in your answer.

4.  You are a claims specialist for YYZ Insurance Company and your policyholder has purchased a trampoline to be placed in their backyard.  They tell the neighbor’s kids they cannot use the trampoline, but while the policyholder was on vacation one of the neighbor’s kids jumped on the trampoline and fell, breaking his arm.  Who is negligent?  Include in your answer a review of the four elements that prove negligence.

5.  In past few years, a number of high-profile retail businesses (e.g., Target, Home Depot) have been subject to personal information hacking.  Explain the application of e-commerce risk on these companies and how they can manage the risk.  What level of recourse does the patron have against the company (if any)?

6.  Explain a CGL policy.  Include the different parts of the policy and also explain how it’s different from a BPP policy.

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