Please utilize the template below to complete your critical writing assignment. Each section is worth 40 points. You may choose to address multiple topics from all of the abovementioned chapters… but you MUST address at least (1) topic from (1) of the assigned chapters in order to receive full credit. (200 points)

1. Topic- Identify one concept, theory, or topic from the course material that you found thought-provoking. Describe/define it. (3-4 sentences)

2. Research- Locate one resource pertaining to your topic and list [and/ or] attach it to your assignment. (Be creative… journal article, YouTube video, book, interview, discussion, presentation, website, blog, etc.)

3. Description- Explain the general content of and reference the resource. (3-4 sentences) 

4. Reflection- Summarize what you learned from conducting your research. (3-4 sentences)

5. Opinion- What do YOU think?? (3-4 sentences)

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