EH 99 Paragraph 4

Length: There is no word count for this paragraph, though keep in mind that most paragraphs are about 5-12 sentences. Your paragraph should be long enough to introduce the narrowed topic, offer enough specifics and details to support of the topic sentence, and conclude with an insight.

Style: Use MLA format for this submission. See The Write Stuff p. 14 for an MLA paper’s guidelines.

Topic: Choose one of the Suggested Topics for Narrative Paragraphs (#1-14) on p. 88 and compose a narrative paragraph.

Guidelines: Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence that tells or sets up the point of the narrative. Use the body to fully support and develop the topic sentence. Prewrite to generate ideas as needed. Select and arrange your ideas in a plan or outline before drafting. Once the first draft is complete, rethink and revise as necessary. Look over the checklist on Evergreen p. 88 before completing the final version of the paragraph.

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