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The video stresses on hunger as a barrier to education among school aged children and the importance of eliminating hunger in schools in order to improve learning and produce excellent outstanding students. Although this video captured a comparison between a decile and a decile 10 school in New Zealand in which the decile 10 school students had better and healthier lunches than decile 1, a very such situations may exist over here in the United States.

  The video raised concerns about childhood poverty and how it impacts the health, education, employment and the behavior of school age children. Good Nutrition is very vital to the life of a school age child healthy eating aids a child’s mental alertness, ability to concentrate and retain information to be able to learn and grow.  When a child is hungry, learning, behavior, growth and development are definitely affected. If a child is hungry and does not learn properly, as an adult it affects his/her ability to get a well paying job and stay above minimum wage and this vicious cycle affects the economic growth of the country.  

   Also poor learning as a result of hunger may lead the child to unhealthy behavioral practices and crime. Health wise, hunger may lead to illnesses which will require medical care and increase health care costs. The illness may even result to death of the school aged child. The video showed that a majority of the student lunches in decile 1 consisted of chips and snacks. Such foods as we know are very unhealthy and predisposes these children to illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, ADHD, etc.

  Over here in America, feeding hungry children in schools are in turn dramatically positive due to the provision of WIC, food stamps and free meals in schools for those that cannot afford to buy their meals.

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