Follow these directions carefully:
1.   Gather five items of importance to you that help to describe who you are.  You do not have to actually have them in front of you; you do need, however, to gather them in your mind.  Try to find as specific an artifact as possible for each of the five.  Here is an example:  If you are a parent, you might select a picture of your daughter, or a card she made for you.  I want you to approach the selection of these five items as if these were the only items you could carry with you if you were going away for a long time; they should have that much importance to you.  Any object that carries that much importance must help to describe who you are in a very personal way.  Yes, you may select a large item, say that 1969 Chevelle Malibu Convertible, 350 4-barrel your dad gave you, because you could take a picture of it to “carry with you.”

2.   Make a list of the five items; write no more than two sentences next to each item. Number the items: 1, 2, 3, and so on.  Write two sentences next to the item then skip a space type the next number and go on. 

3.   Sentence one: describe what it is – give as much detail as possible.  So, using the example, it is not just a card but “it is a picture of a pink kangaroo with green shoes and he is eating an apple; when you open the card it says…”

4.   Sentence two: describe why it is important; in other words, tell how it describes who you are.  You may need to do a little self-talk to organize in your mind how the item describes you.  This should be a very carefully constructed sentence.  There is some reason why the card with the pink kangaroo was selected as one of the five items.  Key into that reason to write this second sentence.  How exactly does it help to explain who you are on the inside?  Don’t just say it is important because my daughter gave it to me.

Remember, you can select only five.  When I read this assignment, I should know and understand who you are through the five items and the two carefully written sentences you construct for each item.  As with all assignments, writing errors will damage your grade.  Edit your work carefully; this is a college level course and college level writing is expected.  All assignments are accessed through the lessons and submitted there.  Never submit assignments anywhere else.

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