social studies 11 

world war 1 assignment


There were four battles of World War 1 that were of particular importance to Canada, and which Canada played an important role in. They were the Second Battle of Ypres, the Battle of the Somme, the Battle of Vimy Ridge and theBattle of Passchendaele.

Create a presentation to show your understanding of Canada’s role in these four major battles.

In your presentation, you must include the following information for each battle:

    • when it occurred
    • the technology/battle strategies used
    • Canada’s role or it’s effect on Canada – how did the battle contribute to Canada’s move towards independence as a nation? What were the human costs (casualties, conditions for soldiers etc)?
    • What were the reactions on the home front?

In addition, you should include pictures, images, graphics etc to make your presentation visually appealing, and ensure that any writing is edited for errors

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