Leaders play an important role in the structure of organizations. Today, we are faced with a new reality of leadership, that of Virtual Distance. This assignment will look at how structure shapes organizations and will focus on the virtual organizational elements. Using Lojeski’s Virtual Distance Leadership Model, you will discuss how this model can be applied to an organization and what the leaders role will be. 

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: 

  • learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments.
  • This assignment requires that at least nine additional scholarly research sources related to this topic.
  • Write a clear introduction, body with headers, and conclusion.


Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) that addresses the structure of organizations with a focus on virtual distance. Be sure to address the following in your paper:

  1. Explain how leaders can use structure to shape the culture, ethical values, and build trust in co-located and in virtual organizations
  2. Describe the forces that drive the need for strategic organizational change and the leader’s role in implementing culture, strategy, and structural change
  3. Describe Lojeski’s Virtual Distance Leadership Model.
  4. Analyze how virtual leadership has changed the landscape of organizational structure and the leader’s role?

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