The relationship between a father and his kids narrative essay help

 Here are your guidelines for your narrative essay:
> Your completed essay should be between 1 and 2 pages in length, double-spaced, following MLA formatting rules.
> Your topic should be a narrative essay you retell, a specific event that happened in your life. That event should be something that you can convey in a 1-2 page essay; so, if you’re thinking you could write about your 5-year relationship with your mother, well, that would just be too long, yes? Instead, focus on one event with your mother, one snapshot of your relationship. Got it?
> Remember your audience. If you are writing a story just for you, you are considering only 50% of your audience—the other 50% includes the people who will be reading your draft:  your peers and your instructor. So, choose your topic based on something we all might like to read, and something you could discuss openly with all of us.
> Use descriptive techniques as applicable.
> Try to incorporate dialogue into your essay. Review those essays you were asked to read and consider how dialogue helps create the setting and highlight the most important parts of the narrative.
> Try to choose an event that happened before you turned 15! (Yes, that’s what it says:  15!) If you do this, it might be easier for you to adequately engage in the final requirement. . .
> Finally—and this is one the most important aspects of the essay—your essay should offer an evaluation of what you learned from that event. You should focus on how that event marked your life, changed you in some way. 

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