The power of language project English homework help

Choose just one to focus on from the list below for this project and the rubric is included and would like to hit the 19 point level please.

Contemporary Subjects

·  The importance of voting

·  Protecting the environment

·  Off-shore drilling

·  Nuclear proliferation

·  Funding for the arts

Historical Subjects

·  The Quaker tradition

·  The Women’s Suffrage movement

·  The Women’s Suffrage movement

·  William Lloyd Garrison

·  John Brown

Choose just one of these ways to convey your chosen subject.

·  Speech: Write and deliver a speech of at least three minutes that clearly expresses your feelings and opinions about a contemporary or historical subject. You may include visual elements in your presentation.

·  Song: Write, perform, and record a song dealing with a contemporary or historical subject. The lyrics of the song must incorporate both literal and figurative language and convey to listeners your feelings and opinions about the subject you have chosen.

·  Video: Create a video presentation about a contemporary or historical subject. The video should have narration that presents information on your subject and expresses your opinions or feelings on the subject.

·  Essay: Write a persuasive essay of at least five paragraphs on a contemporary or historical subject. The essay must convey your feelings and opinions on the subject and present information meant to convince readers to share your position. You should include visual or graphic elements to support your arguments.

·  Website: Create a website that shares information about a contemporary or historical subject. The website should use graphic elements as well as words to convey information to viewers.

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