Respond, add, disagree, agree to this post in 50 words or more and use examples from the pdf and reference attached. Cite within your answer like so: (Mosser, 2013, ch 1.6, para 11).

 The issue of providing universal health care to all U.S. citizens and the solution of the Affordable Care Act has raised a lot of debate and argument. There was a human rights concern which raised the issue because people of lower class had a lack of health care. The argument of social and economic status affects how easily someone has access to health care. Some Americans feel that health care is a human right and should be offered to everyone despite of their social and economic status and some Americans are opposed to universal health care because of the cost. The solution to the issue is the Affordable Care Act, “The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and then signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010.” (ASPA, 2015) The idea of universal health care is a good idea because I believe everyone should be able to seek medical and health needs when necessary.  Looking at the issue from a utilitarian standpoint, “the utilitarian seeks the greatest good for the greatest number.” (Mosser, 2013, Ch. 5.5, Para. 2) Before the ACA was passed into Congress, “the majority of the uninsured were working families who can’t afford or don’t have access to health insurance.” (ObamaCare, 2015) It is ethically and morally right to ensure all Americans receive health insurance that is affordable to all despite their social and economic status. Just because a person cannot afford health insurance does not mean we should allow their health to deteriorate. On one side we have people that are for the ACA and some that are against it because they argue that the cost is too much. One of the cons to the ACA is “insurance companies now provide a wider range of benefits and cover people with pre-existing conditions. This has caused premiums to rise for a lot of people who already had health insurance.”  (Roland, ND, Para 11) Another con to the ACA is the creation of new taxes to help pay for the ACA, the taxes on medical devices, pharmaceutical sales and additional taxes were created for people with higher incomes. Despite the cons of the ACA, I believe that we shouldn’t put a price on our health and that everyone should be entitled to health care because it is the ethically and morally right thing to do and have.


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