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The idea of a healthy community is the very one in which I live. It is a neighborhood of working class people, middle class to upper middle class. There are alot of families with children and some couples and some single, like myself. We are busy but friendly. It is well lit and very safe. Children play outside on the sidewalks & in the street & at the parks. There is an association but it is not a gated community so other parents bring their children to play also. There are safe paths for bikeriding, jogging & dog walking. Families chat with each other, there are lots of cars on driveways and landscaping is neatly kept. The schools are safe & have a good reputation. There is very little crime & even a volunteer police force that drives through the neighborhoods. We have farmers markets with local fresh fruit & vegetables, concerts at the park & nice clean grocery stores. Housing is fairly affordable & job opportunities are adequate. For a small area, here on the central coast, half way between Los Angeles & San Francisco, we have great healthcare & freeways that are not crazy. Our weather is fantastic and we live in the middle of wine country. We are pretty happy. If only it would rain.

I like the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Office of Health Communities (2013) example of a formal healthy community definition: A Healthy Community is where people come together to make their community better for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors and others. A Healthy Community creates ongoing dialogue, generates leadership opportunities for all, embraces diversity, connects people & resources, fosters a sense of community and shapes its future (Foley, 2013).

I think that what people have in common in their neighborhood is that they want it to succeed. They want it to be happy & safe. I know I want my neighbors to communicate & get along & do nice things for each other. It is what makes our world go around. If I was living in a community that did not match my definition, I definetely would intervene. Depending on the situation, I may do it alone if it was a 1 to 1 type issue. If more involved, I may ask another neighbor for assistance. If it was a bigger issue, I would probably go to some sort of community resource for assistance such as a church or non-profit organization that might be able to offer the needed assistance. If even larger than that, it may be necessary to seek consult with local law enforcement or the public health department depending on the concern.

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