Please  respond with 150 words,and provide  some feedback  on the following  statement :

Hope to do my project on the health care industry where I am currently employed. The industry is in deep trouble from all sides, Consumers are upset about the prices, the government is under funding it and sucking money out of it the insurance companies think of it as a big cash cow and we employee’s are stuck in the middle (with crappy insurance I might add). The Project we face include upgrading the computer systems and software systems that have not been upgraded for many years because the budget issues are going thru the kick the can problems and now we face massive costs in bringing the hardware up to current standards plus integrating mobile platforms and social media into the mix plus al the new regulations put forth by the government and state regulators. On top of acing all these specific to the industry problems (it is basically a hybrid of a public and private organization) we face normal biz issues like turnover, insurance rate and IT issues such as hacking ect.

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