The following information is given for silicon at 1atm:

boiling point = 2.355×103 °C        Hvap(2.355×103 °C) = 1.058×104 J/g

melting point = 1.410×103 °C       Hfus(1.410×103 °C) = 1.653×103 J/g

specific heat solid = 0.7110 J/g°C

specific heat liquid = 0.9080 J/g°C

34.20 g sample of solid 
silicon is initially at 
1.397×103 Â°C. If the sample is heated at constant pressure (P = 1 atm), 
 kJ of heat are needed to raise the temperature of the sample to 
1.664×103 Â°C.

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