the ethics of force feeding inmates assignment help

In the essay, you will read a few articles from the NY Times,”Room for Debate” section and then write a short, argumentative essay. You will need to include at least two quotes/paraphrases from the source material and cite it appropriately.

In an essay of no less than 750 words, argue your case in regards to “The Ethics of Force Feeding Inmates” in the NY Times Room for Debate. “By starving themselves, 100 inmates at Guantánamo Bay have drawn attention to the fact that most of the 166 prisoners there have been cleared of any connection to terrorism, none have been criminally charged and, after a dozen years, all remain there indefinitely. ‘I don’t want these individuals to die,’ President Obama said on Tuesday. So Navy nurses and others have been called in to help force-feed 21 of the worst-off prisoners. But as the American Medical Association told the secretary of defense, international standards have upheld a prisoner’s right to refuse food and drink. So is it ethical to force-feed prisoners?” Why or why not?What should be done for those cleared for release? Should we keep them alive against their wishes? This is a complicated issue, so read a few of the articles and take your time crafting a response.

please make sure to show a clear claim/thesis, strong topic sentences, good use of sources, correct citations, and a strong use of rhetorical language. Take all of the tools you’ve learned this term (including narration, description, definition, analysis, summary, etc) and combine to write a strong, clear argument.

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