The Elephant in the Village of the Blind Reader Response Discussion help

  1. The process of writing a research-supported essay has several phases: digging into a topic, narrowing the focus, finding sources, recording information from those sources, and using that information to push the boundaries of your knowledge. However, before you choose a topic, review information on the the Reader’s Response Criticism by clicking on this link: /content/enforced/97251-OFR_ENC1102_346_0520/ENC 1102_ReaderResponse_Information.doc
  2. Once you have read the Reader’s Response Criticism, read the following stories in the Norton Introduction to Literature, Shorter 12th edition,  and respond via the Discussion Post:

(1) “The Elephant in the Village of the Blind” by Anonymous (pp. 13-15)

(2) “20/20”  by Linda Brewer (pp. 15-19)

Answer one of  the following questions in your Discussion Post (150 – 250 words):

  1.  “The Elephant in the Village of the Blind:” What do you think is the significance of the traveling salesman’s telling the villagers that he’ll return again next year if they buy some of his wares?
  2. “20/20:” What do you think are Ruthie’s positive and negative attributes? What are Bill’s positive and negative attributes?
  3. “20/20:” Whose vision is 20/20, Ruthie’s or Bill’s What makes you think so?

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