1. The Despondent Male Scenario” Please respond to the following:

  • In Week 3, you were exposed to early criminological theory and biological and psychological theory. The scenario included a male who has had a difficult time over the past year. It is time to consider potential origins of the male’s criminal behavior.
    • The male spent some time documenting his offenses in the scenario. Based on what you learned in Chapter 5 (early and classical theory), determine whether or not any of the early or classical theories explain his offending. Explain which ones and why.
    • You also learned about biological and psychological theory in Chapter 6. Based on your learning, determine whether or not any of the biological or psychological theories explain the male’s criminality. Explain which ones and why.
    • If you had a chance to ask the male questions about his life in order to further determine the origins of criminality, identify what you might ask and why.

2. Scholars, Last week we held a dialog about “Is Justice Colorblind.” This week I want to discuss how society, being the public looks at crime through television. Do you believe television influences society/crime?  Has social media given certain cultures a platform to influence hatred? Are there any theories to define any of this?

3. Review the news headline regarding exploding air bags and why legal personnel are saying this recall is different than most. Based on the news headline, outline and explain two (2) other types of torts a business may be liable for and explain why. (Do not use the video example as one of your own suggestions.) Then, explore some of the steps a company may take to avoid liability for the torts you discussed. Be sure to provide legal support for your analysis.

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