the business Intelligence Manager one case study business and finance homework help

Can i have an excellent writer in business for this assignment dear writer here are the instructions:

Steel Wheels’ data is spread across multiple independent database silos making it difficult to aggregate, reconcile, and facilitate the decision-making process in the organization. The company needs to ensure that everyone in the organization speaks the same business language and agrees on a standard definition of data terms in order to find a ‘Single Version of the Truth to drive to the right conclusion’. To overcome these challenges, Steel Wheels made the decision to implement a BI solution. As a recently hired BI Manager in Steel Wheels, you are tasked to lead and oversee the creation of the BI solution. Prepare and submit a 5-6 slide Power Point presentation that includes your proposed High-level IS Architecture Diagram of Steel Wheels’ BI solution and describe the components of this Architecture. Consider as well new trends like Big Data, Event-Processing, and On-Demand Delivery as part of Steel Wheels’ BI Architecture. Please incorporate your ideas from the resource materials (articles, websites, and videos) found in the Reading and Assignments folder.

here are the readings and ressources materiels you will need and also i am going to upload some of the materiels:

Please make shore you watch all these 5 videos here are more materiels

I upload the power points for chapter 2 it will help you again read everything and you will find a solution thanks

in case you need the book the book name is Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach read Chapter 2, 7, 14 you can google the book name to find the etext online thanks

Also my teacher wrote this for advice:

Please make sure to first read and review the Steel Wheels Overview so that you get familiarized with the Company (Steel-Wheels-Overview.pptx).Steel Wheels does not exist. Steel Wheels is a fictitious company made up for this class.

After you review the Steel Wheels Business Overview, start completing the Week 2 Case Study assignment as directed in the instructions of the assignment link.

For Week 2 Assignment (The Business Intelligence One Case Study) make sure to review page 49 Figure 2.3 a Data Warehouse Framework and Views (from the book Business Intelligence a Managerial Perspective on Analytics). Figure 2.3 is the High-level IS Architecture Diagram for any organization (retail, manufacture, telecomunication, etc).This diagram is located also on Slide #13 from Chapter 2 – Data Warehousing Third.pptx.

For week 2 assignment, you need to create your own diagram using Power Point. This should be a similar diagram (not a copy paste diagram) from the Diagram found on Page 49 Figure 2.3 or Slide #13 from Chapter 2 – Data Warehousing Third.pptx (see attached file) as stated above. Use this Figure 2.3/Slide #13 figure as the basis/sample and create your own Diagram of the High-Level IS Architecture of your proposed BI Solution at Steel Wheels. You can be as creative as you want in your presentation!

Steal the wheelchair is in the Power points i upload so please read it very good

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