Read and follow the policies described in the document Assignment Instructions for SW 230-I01 Introduction to Social Work: Policies Regarding Submission of Work for Course Assignments.  Work submitted which does not comply with the policies described are not eligible for credit, and the grade earned for the Assignment will be “zero”.  Assignment Instructions_SW230_I01_Sum2016.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

Utilizing the specific Reference, answer each of the following questions according to the policies described in the Instructions document named above.

Reference for Questions 1 and 2: Website (Links to an external site.)  The Arc (national community-based advocacy organization)

Question 1 From the homepage, click on the link Who We Are: read the information on this page and watch the Peter Berns video (1 min 25 sec; first video in Assignment 6). Based on this information, identify and discuss basic information about “who” the Arc is, “what” they do, and “how” they have changed over time since the organization was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1950s.

Question 2 From the same webpage as Question 1 above, click on the link History, then the link Our Name on the left of the page: (a) list the three different names (include full name and acronym) of the organization over the years, including the time span of each, and (b) click on the video link in the Changing with the Times Section (1 min 53 sec; second video in Assignment 6) – after reading the information and watching the video, identify and discuss at least three points made in the written summary and the video (minimum three total points), then describe your overall reaction to the information you have learned in this website of the Arc national organization. 

Reference for Question 3: Website (Links to an external site.) The Arc of Alabama (state level organization that is part of the national organization The Arc)

Question 3 From the homepage, click on the link About Us: review the map of Alabama and the list of Arc organizations throughout the state, then click on the link for the Arc of Jefferson County(a) list and briefly describe the for major types of services provided by the organization (i.e. the four small circles/icons across the top of the page), (b) from the homepage, click Our Services, then watch the video Our Mission (3 min; third video in Assignment 6) and write a paragraph that describes the approach of and services provided by the Arc of Jefferson County and what “sets them apart”

Reference for Question 4: Website (Links to an external site.) The Arc of the Shoals (local organization which is part of the state and national organizations in Questions 1-2-3)

Question 4 Click the link About the Arc on the left of the page: summarize the historical development of the Arc of the Shoals, specifically including the milestones which occurred in the specific years 1958, 1972, 1980s, and 1984. Note: Arc of the Shoals is a member of the state organization The Arc of Alabama, which is a part of the national organization The Arc. The services described in The Arc of Jefferson County are also provided through the Arc of the Shoals and the other locations throughout Alabama and other states. The Arc is discussed in textbook chapter 11 on page 377.

Reference for Question 5: Website (Links to an external site.) SCOPE 310 Authority

Question 5 Review the information presented in the sections Home, About Us, Services Offered, and Blue Door Thrift Store sections of the website, then answer these questions: (a) what is SCOPE 310 Authority, (b) who qualifies for services, (c) list and describe the four main services provided, and (d) name the two locations of SCOPE 310 and the services provided at each site.

Reference for Questions 6 and 7: Website (Links to an external site.) Hospice of the Shoals

Question 6 From the link What is Hospice read the information in Who is Involved(a) describe the role of the social worker in this agency setting, and (b) name the other professionals that are part of the patient’s hospice care. 

Question 7 From the home page, click on the link Professionals, then the link for The A.N.D. Project. For each of the following acronyms, write the full name of the term/concept represented and explain its meaning: (a) A.N.D. Project,(b) CPR, (c) DNR, and (d) EOLC.

Reference for Question 8 (Links to an external site.)   Alabama Department of Mental Health

Question 8 Note: This is the state agency (public agency established by Alabama law) which establishes policies for all agencies in the State of Alabama which provide all types of mental health services. The two main divisions of the Alabama Department of Mental Health are the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and theDivision of Developmental Disabilities. (a) From the homepage, click on the link Developmental Disabilities, review the information, and describe the organization and services provided by this division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health, (b) from the homepage, click on the link Mental Illness, review the information, and describe the organization and services provided by this division of the state agency.


Optional Extra Credit â€“ Questions A and B [up to 10 total extra credit points to be added to the grade for Assignment 6; submit your work in your Assignment 6 document after Question 8]

Website for Optional Question A (up to 5 extra points)  (Links to an external site.) State of Alabama Department of Public Health From the homepage, click All Programs and Services, then in the section Health Care Access, clickSocial Work. Provide the following information regarding public health social workers: (a) describe the main focus and activities of social workers employed in public health, (b) name five of the nine program areas where Alabama public health social workers serve, (c) click the link For Students on the left side of the page, then link Career Opportunities on the left — review the information, then identify the beginning and ending salary range for the employment position called Public Health Social Worker I.  

Website for Optional Question B (up to 5 extra points) (Links to an external site.) The Arc of Alabama Click on the Stories link: summarize the main points in each story about the four individuals presented – Andrew, William, Alayana, and Jason. Note: this is the same website as Question 1 and Question 3.

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