Terrorism and Related Terms in Statute and Regulations political science homework help

assignment:. (1)CRS report: â€œTerrorism” and Related Terms in Statute and Regulations: Selected Language” Elizabeth Martin, CRS report (2006);  (2). â€œThe Patriot Act” , by the Department of Justice : http://www.justice.gov/archive/ll/what_is_the_patriot_act.pdf ; ( 3).UN Resolution S/1373, 28 September, 2001;

written assignment should include the following:

• â€‹A detailed description of the issue; a summary of the arguments detailed in the article; a conclusionAll arguments have to be supported by quotes. All quotes have to include the source and the page number. Quotes have to specify the source in a formal footnote (endnote) style!!!!!!! 
6 pages* 
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