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In Q1, you have described the information gathering techniques in general. This question does not require you to explain what is interviewing or JAD. You do not need to explain that. You need to choose one or two techniques out of those we discussed and apply them to the book rental business i.e. you need to explain how you will use the technique in specific case of book rental business.

Q2 you need to use the template provided on BB for documenting system requirements. You should not explain it in paragraph form.

Book Name (
 Systems Analysis and Design: An Object Oriented Approach with UML, 5th Edition, )


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Submit the assignment online on Blackboard using Assignments>HW1 option. No hard copy submissions will be accepted. All assignments must be submitted by midnight on the day when the assignment is due i.e. by 12 midnight on Blackboard. You are given additional 10 minutes to account for any technological issues you might face to submit your assignment on Blackboard. After 12:10 AM, no assignment submission will be accepted and graded. Submit only MS-Word files. Please note this is an individual assignment and not a group assignment i.e. you have to submit your responses to the questions below individually. You are NOT allowed to collaborate with your class members to work on this homework assignments. You can use Internet resources to do research for the assignment. You can also consult with your professor regarding this homework assignments and ask for advance feedback before you submit your homework. After the homework assignments have been graded, you will have the opportunity to discuss this homework assignment in the class with your instructor. Q1. Suppose you are the analyst charged with developing a new information system (assuming your company does not have a system in place) for renting books online so that students can rent books online and have books delivered to their home/campus address. Of the many requirements gathering techniques we discussed in the class, which techniques would you use? You can use a mix of techniques or you can use a single technique. Describe in detail how you would apply this (those) technique(s). Q2. Review the Southwest Airlines website Develop the requirements definition for the site. Create a list of functional (business) requirements that this website meets. What different kinds of non-functional requirements this website is likely to meet? Provide examples for each kind. Use the Systems Requirements template posted on BB under Course Documents. )

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