This is a research paper. First, I want you to give me the first paragraph which is Introduction part, and this paragraph is about one page long. Second, I want you to do some research and give it to me today, and I will you give the links that can help you to find these resources(at least 1 page). Third, I want you to list the outline of this paper. This paper includes:1. who did this? 2. who did this happen to? 3. where did this happen? 4. when did this happen? 5. Did anyone try to stop it? 6. what exactly happened(details)? 7. How did this happen?. Finally, I want you to write this paper. Finally, I want you to give me the first three stuffs today before today 11:30pm, but you can give me the paper on Friday, because I wanna have this paper with good quality. It will require Library Research, Peer-Reviewed Articles, Books, .edu/.gov/.org Websites, Video, Images, and of course, so if you are in school, that will be perfect, because you would have the access to those resources. Links that can help you to find resources: video, google search,, Genocide watch and Amnesty International, and those links will be very useful, and I hope you will use them. I will get good pay, if you finish this as good as I want.

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