Begin by reading the linked article:

Kuzeljevich, J. (2013). A need for speed. 
Canadian Transportation & Logistics
, 116(3), 30-33.

supply chain manager, Ms. Thompson, has asked you to provide a situational analysis on the transportation aspect of the business. Complete this task using the information from the linked article for Best Buy specific information as well as 2 other sources relating to transportation in general.

Create a memo to Ms. Thompson that includes:

  • introduction on the topic (1 paragraph)
  • SWOT analysis of Best Buy’s current transportation system with 3-5 aspects under each of the headings
    • Create a table and ensure it is professionally presented
    • Use full phrases to share your findings clearly
  • Support your statements with further detail in the memo. In paragraph form, support the SWOT grid with further details on how the different aspects are impacting Best Buy. (2-3 paragraphs for each of the SWOT= 8-12 paragraphs total)
  • Conclusion with 2+ recommendations based on the analysis presented (2 paragraphs)
  • Include your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations with your memo

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