Assignment (1)

Current Events and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Write two pages summery of your thoughts concerning at least 5 current topics in the news, and specifically how you would suggest making money on these trends.

Search the news, find articles of interest to you, write a couple of paragraphs about the event and how you would suggest making money on those events.

Please paste the news article URL at the end of your paragraph.

I request that you put detail on how to make money on the idea. Please do not suggest to “invest” in the industry … your answer needs to be an “active” business answer.

Assignment (2)

Please view either Door to Door (2002) or Tucker – the Man and His Dream (1988).

The Tucker film runs 110 minutes,

Door to Door runs 91 minutes.

Write two pages summery of your thoughts and impressions from this film from the perspective of Entrepreneurship. Ask yourself what would you have done in a similar situation, or what do you see as the largest challenges to entrepreneurship.

This is an “open ended” essay assignment designed to have you recognize entrepreneurship traits that exist all around you, as well as to have you recognize the opportunity of small business.

This assignment is graded on both content as well as presentation.

Your paper must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, one-inch margins on all sides.

Please see the “movie review” bellow as a guide to completing the assignment.

Movie Review

1. What movie did you watch?

2. From the perspective of entrepreneurship, what did you see as the biggest challenge to the success of the key individual in the movie?

3. If you were to the main character in this movie, what would you have done differently?

4. What other challenges did you recognize in the movies main actor in their attempts to grow a business?

5. Do you want to own a business someday?

6. What do you see as your greatest challenge to being successful in business?

7. If you wanted to own a business someday, what steps could you take now to help yourself become more successful years from now?

8. Is there anything preventing you from starting now to address your answer to #7?

9. Describe what you would like your life to be like when you are 40 years old.

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