substitution elimination problem with solution algebra homework help

a.You also have two options for lodging. Write an equation FOR EACH OPTION that depicts the total cost of your stay, y, based on the number of days, x. Bilton Hotel: $100/night but you must pay an additional one-time fee of $40 for parking and other fees Triple Tree: $110/night with no additional parking or resort fees. Be sure to label each equation with the hotel it corresponds to. b. You will need to use either substitution or elimination to solve this system. (Note: I am leaning towards substitution since that is usually easiest for me to solve. c. Show your work for solving the system of equations you wrote for your hotel options using the equation editor. Be sure to use the method you decided on in the previous question. d. Write your solution to the system as an ordered pair, then interpret the values in the context of the problem.

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