Events and/or experiences in life can bump us off our normal human developmental trajectory. As a human service provider, you may have the opportunity to use a variety of interventions. An intervention is something you do with a client that helps them get “back on track.” 

For example: This assignment will give you an opportunity to practice an intervention skill. You are asked to do the following:

  • Ask someone you know to act as your client in this learning process.  Your volunteer must be willing to play the part of a client with an issue that will be presented in the intervention session.
  • The session should last approximately 30 minutes. (± 5 min)
  • During the session, you need to demonstrate the following skill:
    • Statement of encouragement to identify one or more client strengths
    • Use Reflective listening
    • Use of open questions
    • Use an intervention with the client
  • Video record your counseling intervention with your client
  • When setting up the video recorder, please position the camera so that both you and your “client’s/friend’s” faces are visible.

Along with copy of the file, please submit a written overview using the following format:

  • Background:
    • Indicate the name of your client (alias name only)
    • Describe the client profile (e.g., age, race, appearance during session, other relevant contextual information)
    • Identify the client’s goal(s) for the session
    • Any other relevant information about the client
  • Context:
    • Describe the physical surroundings of where the session is held
    • Indicate the general mood of your client before, during, and following the session
    • What visible clues reaffirm or concern you as you have counseled the client
    • Describe the content of the session (e.g., topics discussed)
    • Describe the client’s hopes/fears
    • Describe the client’s response to the information discussed
    • Describe your own thoughts and feelings during this experience

There is no need for HD quality video. Please save your video as a medium quality file (such as you would do for a YouTube upload).  Use one of the standard formats such as .wmv, .avi, .mp4, and .mov.

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