submit topic tentative policy suggestions and sources

Module 5: Portfolio Milestone PORTFOLIO MILESTONE: Submit Topic with Tentative Policy Suggestions and Sources(worth 30 points of Portfolio Project) You have a choice between two Portfolio Projects. Go to the Week 8 Assignments page, read both Portfolio Project descriptions, and pick one. Do not do both projects. This milestone applies to both Portfolio Projects. This week you will submit your topic for approval with tentative policy suggestions and tentative list of sources. Portfolio Project Assignment Choice #2: Employee Use of Internet At Work: Policy Proposals Your consulting services have been requested by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The CEO is concerned about the use of the internet at work and employs your consulting services to discuss her concerns. Primarily, she is concerned that employees might be abusing the internet and is wondering what repercussions the company might face in a variety of legal areas, specifically with respect to the legal environment of business, ethics, and human resources issues. She is also concerned with preventing abuse of the internet at all levels, from low-level employees to the Board of Directors. She requests a memo from you regarding: 1. Possible torts that could be committed by employees who use the internet at work 2. Possible crimes that could be committed by employees who use the internet at work (and indicate whether the crimes are white collar or blue collar) 3. Liability of the corporation versus liability of the individual employee through commission of tortsor crimes using the internet at work 4. Whether violations of the duty of care or duty of loyalty could exist through use of social media sites at work 5. Employee privacy rights or concerns that exist regarding use of the internet at work 6. Employment laws that protect the employee or the employer with respect to use of the internet at work.
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