Subhrodip Sengupta- Finance 100 (3) Problems






1). The following three one-year “discount” loans are available to




Loan A: $120,000 at a 7 percent discount rate


Loan B: $110,000 at a 6 percent discount rate


Loan C: $130,000 at a 6.5 percent discount rate




a. Determine the dollar amount of interest you would pay on each loan and indicate the amount of net proceeds each loan would provide. Which loan would provide you with the most upfront money when the loan takes place?



b. Calculate the percent interest rate or effective cost of each

loan. Which one has the lowest cost?






2) Following are selected balance sheet accounts for Third State Bank:


vault cash _ $2 million; U.S. government securities _ $5 million; demand deposits _ $13 million; nontransactional accounts _ $20 million; cash items in process of collection _$4 million; loans to individuals _$7 million; loans secured by real estate _$9 million; federal funds purchased _$4 million; and bank premises _$11 million.




a. From these accounts, select only the asset accounts and

calculate the bank’s total assets.



b. Calculate the total liabilities for Third State Bank.



c. Based on the totals for assets and liabilities, determine the


amount in the owners’ capital account.






3). The Friendly National Bank holds $50 million in reserves at


its Federal Reserve District Bank. The required reserves ratio is


12 percent.




a. If the bank has $600 million in deposits, what amount of


vault cash would be needed for the bank to be in compliance


with the required reserves ratio?




b. If the bank holds $10 million in vault cash, determine the


required reserves ratio that would be needed for the bank to


avoid a reserves deficit.


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