For this assignment you will turn in a 1 page Word document (.doc) which includes your “statement of career objectives” and at least 3 of the categories listed below (these may be in a bulleted list format).

A career portfolio is a great asset to help guide your future success. Your portfolio will be shaped by the experiences education and training you have had to this point in your life. As part of this course you’ll be creating several pieces of a career portfolio and learning about the other types of information that are often included. 

As a student in this course you likely fit into two categories. One is as recent high school graduate or enrolled college/university student and the other as a student entering the workplace or embarking on a new career. For this assignment you’ll be creating your “statement of career objectives” which are often included in professional resumes and help guide choices you’ll make regarding your education and employment. In addition you’ll need to start creating a list of the supporting materials that help to illustrate your skills and experience.

The following is a list of the types of information often included in a career portfolio:

I. Recently graduated students/GED/Enrolled College or University Students

  • statement of career objectives (Required)
  • high school diploma/GED 
  • writing samples 
  • awards (academic, citizenship, volunteering, sports) 
  • letters of thanks and appreciation 
  • letters of recommendations from coaches, principals, teachers 
  • articles and/or newsletters in which your name appears or you were involved 
  • club memberships, including any positions held and committee work involvement 
  • records of community/church involvement 
  • community/church service appreciation awards 
  • letter of acceptance from University 
  • agendas or programs featuring your name 
  • records of training (for example CPR) 
  • list of computer skills 
  • language proficiency statement (multiple languages spoken, written, read) 
  • summary statement of outstanding projects involved in 
  • hobbies/interests 
II. Employed students

  • statement of career objectives (Required)
  • samples of work 
  • writing samples 
  • positive work evaluation forms and memos from supervisors—just about anything that will prove that you did what you said you did on your resume 
  • diplomas, certificates, degrees or transcripts 
  • letters of thanks and appreciation 
  • records of attendance, sales, services performed, etc. 
  • articles and/or newsletters in which your name appears or you were involved 
  • awards (for example, customer service awards, employee and volunteer appreciation awards) 
  • charts, brochures and reports 
  • agendas or programs featuring your name 
  • surveys, especially customer surveys 

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