Q1. Research and describe the following two topics:

1.  RESTful web services

Ø  What is a RESTful web service?

Ø  What are the benefits and drawbacks compared to SOAP web services?

2.  JSON

Ø  What is JSON?

Ø  What are the advantages of using JSON data formats over a format such as XML?

Requirement: 225 Words (Excluding Question)

Deadline: 10 Hours.

Q2. Exercise Questions:

1.  Discuss the impact of random and sequential I/O in different RAID configurations.

2.  How does flow control work in an FC network?

3.  How does the use of jumbo frames affect NAS performance?

4.  Research REST and SOAP and their implementation.

Requirement: 3 and half – 4 pages.

Deadline: One Day. 

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