Assignment 11.1:

Q1. Discuss InformationLifecycle Management issues and strategies.

Requirement: 250 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Assignment 11.2:

Q2. Research storage multi-tenancy and its advantages and disadvantages.

Requirement: 250 Words

Deadline: 18 Hours.

Q3. Course Overview:

1.  List 7 Technical Advantages of NAS storage. List 3Dis-advantages. (10pts)

2.  List the 4 major differences betweeniSCSIand NAS. (4pts)

3.  List 6 major strengths of SAN. (6pts)

4.  List 5 major differences between SAN and NAS. (5 pts)

Deadline: 2 days.

Q4. Extra Credit Assignment:

1.  Discuss the impact of random and sequential I/O in different RAID configurations.

2.   How does flow control work in an FC network?

3.  How does the use of jumbo frames affect NAS performance?

4.  Research REST and SOAP and their implementation.

Deadline: 3 days.

Budget: $25 – I believe It’s Good Deal. I can’t pay more than that. Hope you guys will understand. 

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