stock market game contest. Investment

Prepare a portfolio of Stocks and Bond Mutual Funds 

(no stock mutual funds) 



The goal is to achieve the highest return possible 


Guidelines for the Stock Market Game Report: 

At the end of this course you will upload a report to 

between 8 pages long not including cover page, table of 

contents, introduction or references. 


Section 1- The initial portfolio- Please address the rationale why 

you have selected the portfolio. Indicate your investment 

objectives, a rationale on your individual selection and your 

individual role in this project.- Maximum 2 pages 


Section 2 – Make notes of each change and write about the 

reasons you made the change (if applicable). If you didn’t make 

any change, provide supporting reasons on the why.- Maximum 

3 pages 


Section 3 – Final portfolio. Write a brief description of each stock 

or bond fund and the reasons for your selection. Maximum 3 



Present the reasons why you made any changes in your 

portfolio during the course. The instructor is looking for a 

professional presentation. In your report you must use 

concepts and information from the course material for full 


Please use some calculations  for the investment you made

once I found my tutor, I will give him the website and my password to check how much I did for profit and the history of th bounds I bought and the ones I sold.


8 pages

No plagiarism

APA style


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