SQL Database Assignment Computer Science homework help

Download, unzip, and attach (to SQL Server) the sample Northwind Traders SQL Server database found in the Week 10 module area. Write the needed SQL for each of the following situations and upload your completed document when done for grading.


1.       Write the needed SQL to list all product names (and only product names) from the Products table that fall into the category of “condiments.” The list of products should be in ascending order.


2.       Write the needed SQL to update the description of the “Produce” category from “Dried fruit and bean curd” to “Dried fruit, bean curd, and soy.”


3.       Write the needed SQL to produce a list that will contain the following columns:

OrderID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, Quantity, UnitPrice, ProductName

The list should contain only the orders that were placed in April 1997 (the entire month). The list should be in ascending order by OrderDate and then Quantity.


4.       Write the needed SQL to update all suppliers in Germany that do not have a fax number by setting their fax number to ‘N/A.’

5.       Write the needed SQL to produce a list with the following columns.

CustomerID, CompanyName, OrderID, OrderDate, Order Item Count

The list will contain (as the last column) the total number of order items per order. Display the results in ascending order by company name and order id. Here is an example:





6.       Write the needed SQL to delete all order information for customer “QUICK-Stop.”



7.       Write the needed SQL (DDL) to perform the following changes in the Northwind database. Your answers under each of the following should show the SQL DDL you need to perform each task.


7a.      Remove columns “HomePhone” and “Extension” from the Employees table.



7b.      Create a new table called PhoneNumber with the following schema (column name, data type, nullability):


PhoneNumber_ID               int                 not null          PK

PhoneNumber_AreaCode     char(3)          null

PhoneNumber_Prefix           char(3)          not null

PhoneNumber_Extension     char(4)          not null



7c.      Write the needed SQL DDL to set up a relationship between Employees (parent table) and PhoneNumber (child table). This is a one-to-many relationship (one employee can have many phone numbers).



7d.      Write the needed SQL DDL to create a non-unique non-clustered secondary index on the “LastName” column in the Employees table.






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