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You will choose to view either a political speech or a televised editorial. While you watch the speech, make notes about the speech’s content, the speaker’s delivery, and the non-verbal gestures he or she makes, on the Speech Analysis Worksheet. If you miss some of the categories on the first viewing, re-watch the speech and try to pay closer attention to more subtle details.You may choose to watch a speech on television or find one online to view. Below are some sites where you can find a variety of political speeches.

Do NOT choose to analyze the “Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address” by William Jefferson Clinton (#90 in Top 100 Speeches), as this speech has been used in the t utorial videos below as an example to follow.  If you submit an analysis of that speech, it will be returned to you with instructions to choose a different speech. 

American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches
The History Channel – Political Speeches
YouTube – Political Speeches

Upon completing the Speech Analysis Worksheet , which can be downloaded below, you will write a one page analysis of the speech. Was the speaker effective overall? Was the speech convincing? Using information from the completed worksheet, write a detailed and insightful account on the effectiveness of the speech.

Please save your speech analysis as a Word (.doc) document and also include the completed Speech Analysis Worksheet with assignment.

A Guide to the Speech Analysis Essay Part 1

A Guide to the Speech Analysis Essay Part 2

A Guide to the Speech Analysis Essay Part 3


Write an analytic response to a favorite piece of literature. Analyze a poem, a play, or a story. Make sure to utilize the resources available in your lesson to prepare for your assignment.

Please save your analytic response as a Word (.doc) document. Click “add attachments” below to attach and submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric


Short Answer: Type your answer below the question. Use complete sentences, correct grammar, and correct spelling.

16. Love, ambition, greed, religious faith—these are some of the human emotions that motivate characters and help explain their personalities and behavior. Choose a character from any of the course readings, who came alive for you. Write an essay in which you examine that character’s personality and motivation and show what the character’s behavior and attitudes reveal about human nature. Begin with an introductory paragraph that captures your reader’s attention and includes a thesis statement that states your view of the character. Then, in the body of your essay, show how details in the work convey the character’s personality and motives. End with a concluding paragraph that sums up your main ideas about the character.


Write a persuasive essay that urges readers to accept your viewpoint on an issue and to take action on that issue. Refer to pages 1256-1263 in your text for further instructions and resources to help prepare your essay.  The essay should use at least one credible source to support your persuasive stance.  APA formatted in-text citation(s) and a reference page are required for the source(s) too. 

Please save the essay as a Word (.doc) document and submit it as an attachment.  The essay should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs in length: introduction, body, and conclusion.  Include a clear thesis statement that is developed throughout your essay. 


Write a persuasive speech supporting your opinion about an issue or subject that matters to you, that you feel passionately about. Include these elements:

  • A clear description of the issue and a clear precise statement of your opinion- your position, or claim, about the issue or the subject
  • Reliable and varied evidence that supports your opinion, or claim
  • Arguments that acknowledge and refute opposing claims
  • Vivid persuasive language that appeals to your audience
  • A logical organization that shows the relationship among claims, counterclaims, and evidence
  • Error-free grammar

Please save your speech as a Word (.doc) document. Click on “add attachments” below to submit your assignment.


Write a reflective essay in which you explore a personal experience or an event and reflect on its deeper meaning. Read “Write a Reflective Essay” on page 440 to help prepare your essay. Make sure to pay special attention to the scoring rubric on page 447. The essay should be 1 typed page in length. Please save your essay as a Word (.doc) document and submit as an attachment below.


The works we’ve read so far in Unit One have been both difficult to understand and hard to relate to. We don’t go on sea voyages anymore, or gather in mead-halls, or go on pilgrimages to Canterbury. But it would be a mistake to assume that you can’t relate to Old and Medieval English literature. All of these works also demonstrate universal themes and deal with emotions and experiences we recognize today: the loss of a home or a way of life, the need to stand up to evil, the need for community, and taking long, life-changing journeys. 

Choose one of the prompts below and develop a one-page (250-350 word) response that retells, or updates, one of the classics we’ve read. This is an informal writing assignment, so feel free to get creative and have fun with this assignment, or to get personal and expressive. You are welcome to use first person (I and we) and to write this in any form you choose — poem, short short, letter to the editor, journal entry, blog post, newspaper article, or even a series of Facebook status or Twitter updates — as long as your writing meets the minimum word count. 

PROMPT #!: Have you ever lost something that was really important to you? How did you feel about it? Did other people understand what you were going through, or did you constantly have to explain yourself? Have you ever moved? Did you miss your old home? Write a lament for something that you have lost. It could be something serious, like the death of a loved one or a move that was hard to adjust to, or it could be something not-as- serious, like the loss of a favorite childhood toy. 

PROMPT #2: You are trying to open up a restaurant / coffee shop that will become a social gathering place for your friends and peers. You want this place to be really cool — but also a place where people can relax and get comfortable. What kind of establishment will you open? How will you get people in the doors? What will they do once they get there? How will you keep them there for long periods of time and keep them coming back? Write a description or story of your ideal social meeting place. 

PROMPT #3: Imagine that you are going on a college study trip, or pilgrimage, with a group of four strangers. Where would you go and why would you be going there? How would you want your life to change? Who would the strangers be and how would they talk, act, and dress? A nerd? A prep? A jock? The pretty girl? Write your own social satire of the members of your group. 

Save your assignment as a Word (.doc) document and submit as an attachment below.

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