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SolutionsPro here we go again. Part I and II of the first week Computer101 assignment. Thank you.

Part I Week 1 DB:

Required Discussion Board assignment.

Microsoft maintains online information and product upgrades for all of its major products. These product sites contain useful information, including product features, product assistance, product downloads, and much more. Visit Microsoft’s product site, found in the unit resources, to discover a wealth of information about Microsoft products. The link for MS Word help is: Then, address the following questions in a Discussion Board post of 3–4 paragraphs:

  • What kind of information on the site do you find to be valuable to you?
  • What kind of information about Microsoft Word do you find to be useful in your personal or professional life? Explain.

This assignment’s grade is based on the quality of the Discussion Board posts. Be sure to read the Discussion Board assignment requirements. In most situations, you are required to post a specific number of paragraphs or words. Your postings should include proper grammar and spelling. If you borrow something from another source, be sure you cite it in APA style.

You are also required to respond to your classmates. Remember, a quality post is not a simple one-sentence response. Your responses to your classmates should be at least a paragraph and should be based upon your experiences, the unit readings, or the class materials. If you need more clarification about quality posts, please ask your instructor.

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.


Week1 DB response to classmate:

Shonta Dixon


Re:Unit1 – Discussion Board






1.       Which features or functions of MS Word do you find particularly useful as a college student, and why?


Well the features I like about MS Word would be the spelling and grammar check the thesaurus and the word count. The spelling and grammar check helps me know that everything is spelled right and that I’m using the right grammar. The thesaurus helps me use other words so I will not constantly use the same words over and over. The word count helps me keep count on how many words I have used because in some classes you may have some papers that have a minimum amount of words you have to have in your paper.


2.       Which features or functions of MS Word do you think you will use most often as a professional in your chosen discipline after graduation?


I will still often use the spelling and grammar check the thesaurus I think that these are great tools to use for a lifetime. These MS Word tools will help me not just in my everyday life but also in my professional life also.


3.  How can Word help you with producing correct APA documents?


Well I think MS Word can help me because all the tools you need are right there you have your insert tab were you can insert your header, footer, and page number, you also have your page break tab so to me everything is right there for you to put your APA documents together.

4. What kind of information on the site do you find to be valuable to you?


I love this site it has the get free training tab it has all kinds of cool templates and it has a get help now tab but the most valuable tabs for me was the product key troubleshooter I love this one I had to use this tab this morning I got a new computer last week and I had to install MS office 2010 and it kept saying that I had used the product key to many times so I used the product key troubleshooter tab and it was quick and easy and in five minutes word was up and running.


5. What kind of information about Microsoft Word do you find to be useful in your personal or professional life? Explain


I think that the Microsoft Word program is just a great tool to use in your everyday life and it’s so easy to use it has everything you need like the line and paragraph spacing, page layouts, the inserts mailings you can set your page format it is a really cool program.

Part II Week 1 Individual Project (Due Sunday March 30, 2014)


In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and use word-processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity.

Windows Instructions:

  1. Search the library and the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information on money management, personal health and safety, or parenting. Note the URLs where you find your material because you will need to reference the information.
  2. When you have completed your search, highlight the text from the article being displayed in your browser (left-click & drag the cursor over the text). Then, while the text is still highlighted, right-click and select “Copy” Or click CTRL+C on the keyboard.
  3. Next, open Microsoft Word, and paste the information on the page (click CTRL+V, or right-click and choose Paste”).
  4. Scroll to the end of the copied information, and write a minimum of 100-word summary of the article you selected.
  5. Following the summary, create a reference entry for your source using APA reference format, including a hanging indent.
  6. Manipulate the formatting to make the document professional looking by changing the following: – font size, font style. Example – you would not copy nor keep in the document links to ads or search engines. The end result should not give the impression that it was copied from a Web site.
  7. Add a page border of your choice (click on the Page Layout menu, and click the Page Borders button).
  8. In a footer position (click the Insert menu and then the Footer icon), add a 3–4-word abbreviation of the title of the article.
  9. Use any other Word features you can to make a nicely presented, effective document that presents useful information.  You may include a cover page, topic headings for the copied information and summary, add paragraph borders and shading to specific text or use any other features in Word that would add to the professional look of the document.
  10. Save your work as your “First initial_Last name_APA_IP1.” Example: J_DOE_APA_IP1.
  11. Submit your assignment.






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