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1. What types of software engineering mistakes are common between the Honda and Toyota cases? What mistakes were specific to each case? Explain your answers.

2. What could/should have been done differently to prevent such tragedies? Your answer should refer to technological advances and/or human factors and/or organizational factors.

3. Describe 2-3 key (research) challenges in software engineering that need to be addressed to prevent software-related injuries in the future?

Your critique will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Have you presented a cohesive writeup? (Do not submit short answers for each of the above points. The critique should be read as one document.)
  • Have you addressed all of the technical points, using concrete examples to support your arguments? • Does each paragraph have a thesis sentence with the paragraph body containing supporting text?
  • Has the document been thoroughly proofread and typos eliminated?
  • Authentic sources? Provide supporting references and citations?

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