Software Engineering Communications assignment help

Individual Project


 Mon, 9/5/16




 3 –4 new pages in the Software Engineering Research Document, Microsoft Word document.

 Assignment Description

Software Engineering involves a tremendous amount of information that must be communicated effectively between many different people. Understanding of the tools and techniques used to support the communication and management of the documents involved in software development projects is essential to the success of the project. For this assignment, you will create the Software Engineering Communications of your Software Engineering Research document for your selected organization.
The project deliverables are:

  • Update the Software Engineering Research Document title page with new date and project name.
  • Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
  • Software Engineering Communications:
    • List and describe the documents and information necessary to support the Software Engineering projects in your organization.
    • Prepare a set of processes that describe the communication flow of the information described in the previous step.
    • Develop a plan that describes the tools necessary to support the processes you outlined in the previous step.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.
  • Name the document yourname_SWE311_IP3.doc
  • Submit the document for grading

Please submit your assignment.

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