Please read: Discovering Psychology, Sixth Edition with DSM5 Update by Hockenbury Chapter 4!


The 24-hour sleep-wake cycle is an example of a circadian rhythm. Have you ever experienced jet lag? Or felt disoriented when changing from a day shift to night shift at work? Or felt groggy from spending a lot of the day in the dark? These are all possible sources of disruptions to the circadian rhythm. What was your experience, how did it feel? In your reply, explain how this experience connects with the material from our textbook. 



Chapter 4 talks about psychoactive drugs. Select one of the drugs mentioned in the chapter, and do some online research to investigate the specific effect of this substance on neurotransmission and the brain. Locate at least one credible outside resource (not Wikipedia). Summarize what the textbook chapter says about how this substance works and then tell us about your findings from your research in a paragraph or two in your own words. Cite your source(s) at the end of the post. 

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