simple quiz due one hour now

1. ABC analysis can be used with other criteria than annual dollar value. Four of these are —
( a)
(0.5 mark)

2. Objectives of using inventory modeling are to _(a)___________________ , with trade-off between total cost of holding inventory, (b) ————————————-/ (c) ————————— (Please fill up the blank)
(Marks – 05)

3. Please mention the five strategies employed in Aggregate planning
(1 Mark)

4. (a) Please indicate True or False— “Scheduling of specific worker or product can be done in Aggregate planning” (TRUE/FALSE)
(b)Please indicate True or False —-“Flexible manufacturing systems use computer control for both workstation and material handling system” —True/ False
Marks for both (a) and (b) combined —0.5

5. Please mention the six steps in Factor Rating for location decision
(1 mark)

6. Please mention the 4 ways of fixing labour standards
(0.5 marks)

7. Ergonomics is the study of interface between ———————————- and ________________________ (please fill up the blank)

Mark –0.5)

8. Work sampling can be used to (Please give four uses)
Marks – 0.5

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