Short EssayPage For Management Class

Weekly Assignments: 3-5 Pages (Short Essay) 

This will be your homework assignments listed on Syllabus-Blackboard – Read the respective assigned chapter and case study, then proceed to answer the end chapter case study questions by synthesizing all the content.  Your content should flow and have outside sources to back up the content you are presenting * Up to 3-5 outside sources are required Feel free to use Internet sources, scholarly online articles’ or other books (so long as you properly credit in-text and list them on the reference section

  • Expectations:
  1. All students must complete weekly homework (Syllabus)
  2. You may use 5 key terms (list in keywords section and must be used in your writing)
  3. Access 5 listed Internet resources to locate articles to use in your writing (you must list the Internet sources in your abstract)
  4. Answer case study questions (In essay format – Do not just focus on answering the questions but synthesizing outside sources; textbook content; and real-time content in your essay).
  • Note: For those of you presenting – You will be given class time to collaborate with your team before presenting your work to the entire class (Rotation of different groups-see Syllabus).
  • For those of you that are not assigned a specific chapter to present– complete 1 of the listed chapters (your choice)
  • Format Must Include Below:
    • Title Page
    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • Introduction
    • Body of your Essay (Must use Level Headings)
    • Reflection
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Appendix (Tables / Figures etc.)
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