Short Essay

So what I want you to do for this assignment (it will be a short assignment) is research a bit about Blackfish.  Google it, look up the activism behind it, look up the rhetoric (use the book to help you define that term) of the film as it relates to Sea World and to animal rights.  There has been SO much written about this film, it’s INSANE.  And there has been SO much that has happened to Sea World as a result of this film alone, so I want you to get into it.  And write a two page (double-spaced paper) that addresses how the film and Sea Wold now have a relationship in the public sphere (use the book again here) that is based entirely (or at least almost entirely) on what the film purports as the truth.  Now, it is truth, of course; but as you should know by now, documentary films have a way of making big T truth a kind of version of truth.  But then again, this film is very, very, very important.  So I want you to talk about what this all means to the public, and how it is playing out in the public sphere.  

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