Sexual Assault Are You Really Safe Anywhere writing homework help

Post One: Topic Proposal (500-750 words)

Allowable sources: recent New York Times or other major U.S. city newspaper articles and/or articles from KQED or other NPR (national public radio) stations. No other sources are allowed for the first post. 

Task: Frame your topic: For your main point in the beginning of the post, explain what you have chosen as your semester long topic and why you have picked it or why you think others should read about it (see samples on the file “Suggestions for writing post one”  on Ilearn under Week Three) . Then in the rest of the post, frame your topicand answer the following in a logical order: Who is the topic important to and why does the topic matter? What is some background/important credible information people ought to know about your topic that you learned from reading about it in the news?  What is something the average person does not know about your topic, but should know to understand it more fully? What questions do you have on the topic that you would like to answer eventually?

TO-DO this is assignment is already created , all you have to do is fix some of the stuff I forgot 

1. When I talk about the article mention it instead of me just saying in New York Times…

2. Final Summary Add questions what will you want to learn or which question will you want to be answer by the end of your research.  5/6 questions final summary fix in order to be more organized with what you will add

3. INTRO is good because I need to introduce the topic right away but it might be too dry… try to fix without not forgetting to mention what your topic is..

4. Create a title

5. 5 images needed these images need to be engaging and found for original sources original places 

throughout the paper talk about the different images quick brief sentences of how they relate to your topic it could be a summary or it could be through out the text. 

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