Separation of powers is a political doctrine of Constitutional law assignment help

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sandra wrote this :

Separation of powers is a political doctrine of Constitutional law under which the three branches of government are kept separate to prevent abuse of power.

The first three articles of the U.S. Constitution call for the powers of the federal government to be divided among three separate branches: the legislative branch (Congress) makes the laws, the executive branch (President) implements the laws, and the judicial branch (Courts) interprets the law and decides legal controversies. Under the separation of powers, each branch is independent, has a separate function, and may not take over the functions of another branch; however, the branches are interrelated.  This relationship is described as checks and balances, where the function of one branch serves to modify the power of another. The system of federal taxation is an example of each branch at work: Congress passes legislation regarding taxes; the President is responsible for appointing a director of the Internal Revenue Service to carry out the law through the collection of taxes; and the Courts rule on cases concerning the application of the tax laws.

Post 2:

Demetrius wrote this:

The Electoral College is a process for electing the President that’s been established by the Constitution and amended several times over by Congress. The election of the President and Vice-President is left up to a group of individuals, more commonly known as, “electors” who have been selected by the respective political party in that State. Every State is entitled to a certain number of electors based on the number of Senators and Congress people a State has. As it stands, there are currently 538 electors, and of those, 270 electoral votes are needed in order to secure the Presidency. The primary purpose of the Electoral College was to ensure that the elections of the President and Vice-President would be as objective as possible, and free of political manipulation and maneuvering. The Electoral College serves as a compromise between a Congressional vote for President and citizens electing the President by the popular vote. This means that whenever voters got to the polls to cast their vote for President, in all actuality, they are inevitably voting for an elector in their State, who in turn, based on a majority of votes is expected, but not required, to cast their vote for that particular candidate. 

Dear writer what woud you reply to these two clasmmates please make shore you indicate each post answer so i can know which one is ppost one answer and post 2 answer

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