Select a minimum of 2 companies, in the same or related industries. Using either Mergent Online, Capital IQ, Reuters,…

Select a minimum of 2 companies, in the same or related industries. Using either Mergent Online, Capital IQ, Reuters, or another source of your choosing, obtain the last 5 year’s financial statements for your employer or a publically traded non-financial company of your choosing. Put the financial statements into an Excel file. Calculate the financial ratios. Discuss the trend. Does the trend appear to be strengthening or weakening? Compare these ratios. How is the firm performing compared to the competition? Answer the following questions about the firm’s cash flows during the most recent reporting period: Did the firm have positive or negative cash flow from operations? Did the firm invest in or sell off long-term investments? What were the major sources of financing for the firm? What was the net change in cash? How liquid is the firm? How well is the firm using its assets? How effectively is the firm using leverage? Is the firm profitable? Calculate the companies’ internal and sustainable growth rates. Are the firms expected sales increasing at rates above, below, or equal to the sustainable growth rates? Turn in a text document and your spreadsheet. Please send me your work by e-mail or putting them in the Blackboard drop box. Include your last name in the name of your files. The text must be double-spaced with one inch margins. All sources must be cited. Papers deemed to be copies of each other will receive a grade of zero. Your grade will be determined based on completeness, accuracy, and overall presentation. Grades will be reduced one point for each spelling error, incomplete sentences, and other serious grammatical mistakes. Failure to turn in the paper by the due date will result in a 25% reduction in grade for each day late. No excuses!
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