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 Second family can be created either by
divorce or remarriage and it involve a complex transition that requires the
disintegration of one family structure and reorganization to another (Lundy
& Janes, 2010;Mulina & Musil, 2010; Ward & Hisley, 2009). How
parents cope during the situational crisis, as well as after the divorce is a significant
variable in long term individual and family adjustment.

 The coping system of any family created under
second marriage depends on two adults that formed the union, an also their
values on family. We understand that it is difficult most of the times to bring
two families together successfully as one, especially when children are
involved, for instance there may be resistance to change by the children even
sometimes among parents.


(1) Before engaging in second marriage,
both parents needs to resolve all  their
especially regarding visitation and financial support, to avoid creating  uncomfortable environment in the second

(2) If children are involved, they needs
to understand that their parent will also be there to love them and will remain
present in their life, this will help to understand that their stepparent is
not there to replace their biological parent.

(3) There needs to be communication among
family members t help create trust, relationships, and  resolve conflicts, and this  needs to be open and nonjudgmental  environment.

(4) There need to be house rules in the
family to be followed by both adult and children, and children needs to respect
both parents, also parent should show good examples to gain the children

(5) Biological parents should try to
spend time with their children, maybe there are issues they want their parents
to be aware of or they need advice on certain things they don’t want other
family members to know about , this will help to build up trust and also help
reassure the children that you(parent) will always be there for them.

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