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1- SciTech Connect is primarily a database for finding




Technical Books


Technical Journal Articles


Technical Reports


“Simulations Of Flow And Noise xGenerated By Automobile Outside Rear-view Mirrors” in the following citaion is:
Simulations Of Flow And Noise xGenerated By Automobile Outside Rear-View Mirrors in the following citation is Kuo-Huey Chen, et al. “Simulations Of Flow And Noise Generated By Automobile Outside Rear-View Mirrors.” International Journal Of Aeroacoustics 11.1 (2012): 137-156. Web. 24 July 2012. 


The title of the article.


The title of the journal.


The author.


The volume.


What is the most effective prior art patent search? 


Keyword Searching.


Classification Searching.




Subject Searching.


When would you search for patents? 


To find out about a specific patent.


To learn about recent inventions in a particular field.


To find out if your invention has already been patented.


All of the answers.


None of the listed answers.


To what does the following citation refer?

Hoffman, Peter. Tomorrows energy: hydrogen, fuel cells, and the prospects for a cleaner planet. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001. Print.


A journal article.


A book.


A chapter in a book.


Newspaper article.


You are in a class where the professor requires that your research be strictly based on scholarly resources. Which of the following search/engines/databases would be most appropriate for you to use? 








All of the answers


None of the answers


It is important to cite all work you use in your papers to: 


To prove that your work has a solid, scholarly basis.


To show the research you have done and allow others to locate the material themselves.


To give credit to the author and avoid plagiarism.


All of the above answers


None of the above answers


Of the following types of information, which one does NOT need to be cited? 


A word-for-word quotation from The New York Times online about economic recovery.


A photograph of Rosa Parks that you found in Women in World History: A Biographical Dictionary.


A paragraph you wrote summarizing information from a Newsweek article about bioengineered food.


A list of three most important things you think students can do to succeed in college.


Which of the following are advantages of scholarly articles available by library subscription over free resources available over the Internet? 


They have passed a peer review by one or more professionals with academic credentials in that scholarly discipline.


They have been indexed by professional catalogers to allow retrieval of all relevant articles on a given topic.


They cite other scholarly work upon which their research is based, allowing readers to verify methodology and trace related research.


All of the above.


None of the above.


Trademarks are directed toward protection of:


Manufacturer’s or service provider’s goodwill and reputation.


Book or manuscript.




Musical composition.


When evaluating a resource which is NOT a reason for selecting the resources for an engineering class? 


Author affiliation.


Recent copyright date.


Featured as a cover article in Newsweek.


Includes a bibliography.


What is the best way to find an article on a given subject? 


Page through print volumes of academic journals.


Search the Web search engine Google or Yahoo.


Search an online database like IEEE or Compendex.


Search the online library catalog.


Intellectual Property laws are in place to: 


Define intellectual creations that are entitled to protection.


Define how to obtain or lose intellectual property rights.


Define how to obtain enforcement and compensation when the rights are violated.


All of the above answers


None of the above answers


A Patent is: 


A form of protection provided to authors of original works of authorship including literary∧ certain other intellectual works, both published and unpublished.


A word, name, symbol, or device that is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others.


A device or technique used in a particular trade or (transf.) occupation and giving an advantage because not generally known.


A property right granted to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention.


Which database was created specifically for engineers? 




Academic Search Complete.


Web of Science.


Science Direct.


Which library tool searches all library resources in one place? 




SciTech Connect






Using the same paper for two different classes is acceptable.




To what does this citation refer:
Thompson, Kelsey R., et al. “Distracted Driving In Elderly And Middle-Aged Drivers.” Accident Analysis and Prevention 45 (March 2012):  711-717. Print.


A journal article.


A book.


A chapter in a book.


A newspaper article.


Which is of the following is a scholarly publication


Engineering News Record.




Journal of Heat Transfer


Chemical marketing reporter.


When can you copy a chart into your technical report?


When you found it in your textbook.


When you found it on the Internet.


When you cite the orginal.


When your friend used it for a different class.

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