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Revision is going through and proof reading to improve your paper and making sure your paper is on track. To make sure that you didn’t wonder with your topic and go off topic. Knowing what it is your writing and staying on topic is very important and keeping it organized. Editing your paper is very important also. Making sure you have correct grammar and spelling is important . Your reader needs to be able to understand what it is your writing and be able to read it. I believe that you should spend the same amount of time on both. I say that because you should take your time to really understand what you wrote. I’m not saying you don’t already know what you wrote just that if you take your time to proof read you will know more about what changes need to be made. I spend more time on revision then editing when I know that it should be the same. I want to make sure I stay on topic and don’t stay off. Do you spend more time on revision or editing? 

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